Maktek Boiler factory  is established in the industrial zone of Izmir – Turkey. Covering an area of approximately 12.500 m² the factory currently manufactures Wall Mounted Gas Boilers,Wall Mounted Electric Boilers,  Oil and Solid Fuel Fired Boilers, Hot Air Blowers and Radiant Heaters. The production quality standarts are in line with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance and ISO 14000 Environmental standarts in raw material purchasing, production, packaging and final control processes.

Floor Standing Boiler and Industrial Heater Production

Since 1982, this line manufactures MAKTEK Steel Boiler, Oil and Solid Fuel Fired Boiler, Hot Air Generator  and Radiant Heater and updates its technological infrastructure according to the needs of heating industry.
The journey of production starts at this line by forming special quality sheets at Welding Division and continues at the painting and assemble lines.
At the final stage, quality test results of each device is recorded as quality control reports and registered with the serial number of the device manufactured in this line. The reason for this procedure is to access to the quality control reports of each unit in case there is a malfunction feed back.

At the packaging division, each unit is wrapped with cardboards and bubble shrink against possible strokes during transportation.

Wall Mounted Boiler Production

The journey of each MAKTEK wall mounted boiler starts by assemblying the best components of the world. Then the journey continues by placing specially designed outer case onto the unit and the assembling of the front panel.

At the final stage, each  boiler is tested with special procedures such as gas/electiricity test, leakage test and wind test. Each test is in line with the European Directive of Devices Burning Gaseous Fuels.

The results of the tests are recorded in the quality control reports and the serial number of the unit produced is registered within the system. The reason for this procedure is to access to the quality control reports of each unit in case there is a malfunction feed back.

Research & Development

R&D Division is the brain of the plant. All product development projects take place here. Renewable and alternative energy resources, environmental health, efficiency, industrial heating systems and cascade systems, smart control systems are the main research topics of the R&D Division.

As being one of the few completely integrated boiler plant, the products are both distributed in the domestic market and exported to various countries.