Pioneer of Turkish Panel Radiator Production

Established in 1994, MAKTEK steel panel radiator factory is one of the first fully automated production plants in Turkey. The factory is located in  Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone in İzmir, only 15 km away from Izmir International port and 40 km away from Aliaga International port. Maktek Panel Radiator Factory is also one of the first Turkish exporters  of steel panel radiator to Europe and to overseas locations such as China and Chile.

 The company utilizes fully automated LEAS  production lines and test pools.

Total Quality Management

The inner quality control principle resides  in all stages  from raw material purchasing to production process, from paint processing to packaging and palletizing. Surface preparation, coating and painting facilities are designed to meet up to date standarts. The main casing of radiators is produced from cold rolled steel in conformity with EN standards.

All MAKTEK panel radiators are produced with a unique serial number in order to trace back the batch number and date of production. The serial number is attached inside the top grill surface.

 MAKTEK Steel panel radiators are in compliance with DIN EN 442 and CE certified, with 10 years guarantee. Starting with customer order, all  procurement and production process is tracked online through company’s ERP system.

Welding & Painting

 MAKTEK Panel radiators are manufactured as 5 types with 5 different height and 20 different length options. The manufacturing process is in compliance with the European Standart EN 442 norms and each unit is tested individually. The production is made by full automatic production lines with the highest technology. Special steel sheets are formed by the latest technological equipments and after being treated by many processes against corrosion, the panel radiators are painted with the most developed technology, epoxy polyster powder painting system, color RAL 9010.

The panels and the convectors are designed to effectively radiate the fluid heat to the environment. The convectors are welded to the channel through which the fluid is passing and through the dry surfaces in order to extract the highest portional productivity. Each radiator is subjected to the leakage test at the test pool. All MAKTEK panel  radiators are resistant to corrosion and strokes . Each radiator is painted  with the most advanced technology. Every MAKTEK panel radiator guarantees safe and efficient heating for many years with a quality control system that is meticulously applied at every stage of production.

Packaging and Loading

Maktek Panel Radiators are individually bubble-wrapped and radiators are packed in shrink-wrapped to achieve maximum durability during transportation and storage until installation is complete. Export  products are loaded on pallets, with detailed content information on each palette.

 Maktek utilizes top of the line quality off set print side cardboards for packaging.